At Grace, we exist to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  Simply put, a disciple is anyone who turns toward Jesus and seeks to follow him.  Jesus showed us how to live a life full of joy and fulfilment, even in the midst of the struggles of life, and the core of that example is loving God and serving others.  

The ministries at Grace Conway are as diverse as our people.  We have opportunities to serve within the walls of the church to provide support for all those who follow Jesus.  We also have opportunities that happen within the facilities but serve to reach out into the community.  And, of course, we encourage everyone to find a way to serve people beyond the walls of the facilities to share about Jesus and the life he offers.

Ministries are open to everyone.  There is no requirement for membership, but we simply ask that you strive to be like Jesus as you love God and serve others.  

Here is a list of the current ministries as of Fall 2016 and the main person for each area.  You can contact them directly, or email us at  




  • Music (choir, band, specials)

  • Technology (sound, video, slides, etc.)

  • Liturgy (Say prayer, read scripture, etc.)

  • Serve Communion

  • Set up (Chancel area, chairs, etc.)


  • Prayer (Prayer Team, prayer list, prayer shawls)

  • Care (Visit home-bound, nursing homes, hospitals, new moms, or participate in therapy dog ministries)

  • Missions

    • Lead/organize a project (shoe drive, food drive, etc.)

    • Participate in Ozark Mission Project or Mexico Mission Trip

    • Participate in mission opportunities

    • Sponsor a child via CAEF (our partner orphanage in Peru)

    • Gmeal (Food prep, desserts, set-up or clean-up)



  • Coffee Bar (Barista, assistant)

  • Hospitality (Welcome desk, Usher, Guest follow-up, etc.)

  • Participate in a Dinner Group

  • Participate in a Small group


  • Leading a Small Group

  • Leading Youth

  • Teaching Children’s Sunday School

  • Lead a Dinner Group



  • Organize community event

  • Create or organize ways to build new relationships and connect people with Christ



  • Church Office (Receptionist during the week)

  • Count money Monday mornings

  • Lay bricks in prayer garden

  • Prayer Garden (Lay bricks, weed)

  • Facilities Maintenance (Repair walls, deep clean, etc., as needs arise)


The ministries at Grace are as diverse as our people. There are opportunities to serve within the walls of the church providing support for the ministries of Grace as well as opportunities here that reach out to the community.  And we encourage everyone to find a way to serve beyond the walls of the facilities to share about Jesus and the life God offers. We organize these opportunities to serve within the following ministry areas:


Celebration: engaging the church in the Word, worship, song, the arts, etc., directing the congregation toward God. CONTACT Mark McDonald


Caring: assisting people in the church and community with their physical, emotional, relationship, and spiritual health through the grace, love, and resources of the kingdom. CONTACT Kathleen McMurray


Connecting: assimilating guests, attenders, and members into a relationship with Christ and the church through hospitality, fellowship, belonging, and encouragement. CONTACT: Jeff Burnside


Equipping: maturing believers in the area of their gifts, ministry training, and leadership, serving a variety of life-stage and affinity-based groups for growth, accountability, and service. CONTACT: Cinnamon Wheeler


Outreach: focused on relating, reaching, and connecting unbelievers and the un-churched to a relationship with Christ and the Church. CONTACT David Crossman


Supporting: freeing other people, leaders, and ministries from practical concerns to keep focused on their ministry goals. CONTACT Mark McDonald


How would you like to serve?